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® Organic, Fair Trade Coconut Oil

® Bicarb Soda

® Macadamia Wax

® Cocoa Butter

Coco Deo is a fantastic all natural deodorant for men, women and children.


If youíve been looking for the best natural deodorant that really works then

Coco Deo is for you!



Coco Deo provides 24hr protection for light through to heavy body odour.


Coco Deo works due to its combination of natural ingredients providing an anti bacterial and odour absorbing environment.† Itís amazing how well it works!!


Advantages of Coco Deo:

® Aluminium Free

® Chemical Free

® Organic, Fair Trade Deodorant

® All Natural Ingredients

® Not Tested on Animals

® Refreshingly Subtle Coconut Smell

® Handmade in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne

® It really works, even for heavy body odour!!